We enjoyed an all-new course for 2018. The 2019 course will be substantially similar but feature even more new singletrack. Details soon

The brand new course for 2018, decades in the making, showcased multiple loops that started and ended right from downtown Sturgis. Riders raced right through town with neutral aid on Sturgis’s legendary Main Street between each unique loop.

Epic racers ride all 3 loops, beginning with A and ending with C. Marathon racers ride B and C loops, and Sprint racers complete the C loop. The Tatanka has developed a reputation as an extremely difficult race, one of the hardest around mile-for-mile. Don’t expect the new course 2018 to be any easier, but you can expect it to definitely be better.



2018 Tatanka MTB A-Loop on Trailforks.com




2018 Tatanka MTB B-Loop on Trailforks.com




2018 Tatanka MTB C-Loop on Trailforks.com