The Tatanka is one tough race. No bull.

There are quite a few races out there with a reputation for being difficult because of some component of the race. The entire race happens at elevation, the grade or amount of climbing is obscene, or the trails are twisty and gnarly and barely navigable on a cross-country bike.

The Tatanka isn’t tough like any of these other races. Most of the racing takes place between 3,500 and 5,000 feet of elevation. You’ll be able to breath just fine.

The trails all have a back-country feel, but are of modern design with modern grades. You can ride every inch of the course on your cross-country bike. There are no walls to ride over at sustained 20 or 30 percent grade, carved deep with ruts from the spring rains.

None of that crap.

Just mile after mile of amazing, fun, picturesque singletrack. Amazing. Fun. Picturesque. But not easy. You will always be climbing or descending, you will always be negotiating a corner, root, rock, or other obstacle. You will be having such a gas it might be 30 or 40 miles before the fatigue piles on like a ton of bricks.

By the end of the day, if you can manage to finish, you’ll be cooked. You won’t quite be able to put into words how or why it was so damn tough, but your body will be telling you it definitely was. But while you sit at the finish venue, rubbing sore muscles while enjoying a cold beer and some live music, you won’t be able to remember a time you weren’t having fun out there.